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What type of Hire Car should I hire?

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What Type of Hire CarFor many people when choosing a hire car cost is the most important factor and will choose the cheapest hire car available.  Though this isn’t necessarily a bad thing it can cramp your holiday experience and if your holiday budget allows you to make a different choice, here are few considerations you should read before hiring a car.

What type of terrain?

The type of terrain for most people isn’t important, but if you plan on driving off road or travelling to a destination with lots of dirt roads you will need to think about this more carefully.   Also if you are travelling somewhere with snowy and icy conditions you will need to ensure your car is equipped to handle this type of weather.  If this is the case, then 4×4’s are more suited to handle these types of conditions.  However check to see if your insurance policy covers you for this size of vehicle and terrain.

Note: If you have a Damage Excess Refund policy and damage your car whilst driving off road you will not be covered.

What equipment do you have?

What Equipment?If you are planning to go skiing, camping or even on a surfing holiday you will probably need a vehicle to accommodate your sporting equipment.  Trying to squeeze a surfboard or skis inside an economy class car is not going to happen.  Instead opt for a medium to large sized vehicle which has more space.

How many people?

Though a small car with 5 seats will seat 5 people, will an economy class car seat 5 people and 5 suitcases?

Trying to find a small economy hire car that has enough storage space is going to be impossible and you will end up with having to place luggage on your laps.  7 & 9 seater people carriers will be much better for you if travelling in a large group.   People carrier hire is offered by most car hire companies.  If you can’t find one online then our advice is to pick up the phone and call around.

What will your car be used for?

If you are just going to be using your hire car to get around town from A to B then an economy class vehicle will be most suitable.  Not only will you get more miles per gallon of petrol it will also be cheaper to rent.   But if you are considering a road trip and plan on driving long distances then you will probably get better fuel consumption from a mid sized vehicle as well as benefittying from the added space and comfort.

If you have any other considerations regarding the type of car you will need, please leave a comment below and share your thoughts.


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