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Typical Car Hire Complaints & Scams

Before hiring any car and driving off the supplier’s forecourt you ought to be aware of some of the most common and typical complaints and car hire scams.  Some time ago we wrote about car hire complaints which raised some issues of common car hire scams but we thought we would consolidate the information to reiterate the points mentioned to help you avoid any scams.

Paying for Dents & Scratches

It is a common issue that many customers are left dealing with even if they returned the car in the same condition as received.  It isn’t until the customers return home to find their credit cards have been billed for damage to the vehicle which was already present.  Being aware of such charges on your return makes it much harder to contest your case and therefore makes it difficult to receive a refund.  However many of the customers that this happens to, are customers who fail to go through before and after damage reports and get the supplier to clearly sign off damage before they depart.   By having the supplier clearly sign off damage before and after your rental will minimise the chances of finding additional charges to your credit card for damage to your vehicle.

We can’t stress this enough and you will find we mention and highlight this in 10 of the best car hire tips and elsewhere on the site.

Paying for a Unused Fuel

Many of us are happy to pay for fuel we use but some of us are left paying for additional unused fuel.  This can occur when we choose a supplier that charges for a full tank of fuel and tells you to return it empty.  Usually they charge you at a bloated price and if you don’t return it empty you will have paid for fuel you haven’t used as there are no refunds for unused fuel.

Another way some suppliers squeeze money from you if they allow you to leave with a full tank of fuel and tell you to return the car full.  You must check if they have filled the car to the top and also ensure you return the car with a full tank.  If a supplier can squeeze a litre or two of extra fuel into the tank they might slap you with a flat rate fee for refuelling.  Much more than what an additional one or two litres of fuel costs.

These aren’t necessarily scams as the fuel policy is usually stated in the terms and conditions which you can read before agreeing to renting the car.  Therefore make sure you read the small print.  Even if you plan on doing lots of driving and using the full tank of fuel, you might find it cheaper purchasing fuel from elsewhere rather than the supplier.  For this reason always check the fuel policy and keep any fuel receipts.