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Take to the Road in Portugal

[ 0 ] 28/02/2012 |

A trip to the Mediterranean is the quintessential holiday – sun, sea and sand are plentiful, but there’s more to the Med than sunbathing. If you’re looking for a Mediterranean holiday with a dash of something different, a road trip in beautiful Portugal can provide the answer to all your prayers. Car hire in Portugal is very affordable, so even families can take advantage of this fun and quirky holiday option.


Taking a road trip to Portugal is a truly unique experience that takes you out of the world of fake tour guide smiles and brings you right into the heart of Portuguese life – rather than base yourself out of one town or city for a week, you have the option to sleep in a different town every night and explore everything this fascinating country has to offer.

It’s a good idea to plan your route in advance to ensure you see all you want to see and leave enough time to get to each of your destinations in time for the end of the day. Knowing which routes and roads you’re going to take can be vital to keeping your bearings in some cities, such as Lisbon, as streets can be narrow and steep in Portugal and sometimes even impossible for larger cars or people carriers to navigate through.

Portugal is, it goes without saying, a very hot country so for your comfort and sanity it’s a good idea to ensure your car comes with air conditioning – temperatures can reach 35 degrees Celsius in some areas of the country and the further in-land you come the hotter this can feel when you’re spending a lot of your time in a car. Another accessory that has come to be indispensible in modern Portugal is SatNav. Although you should still plan your route in advance, SatNav is a boon in Portugal’s winding, twisted streets. When you speak to car hire companies make sure you specify that you would like a car with these features.

Depending on how authentic you want your experience to be and how far off the beaten track you’re travelling you might want to invest in a well-written phrase book. The further away you get from Portugal’s tourist spots the less English you’ll find on signs, menus and in the spoken tongue. With a phrase book by your side you can be confident that the food you think you ordered is exactly what you get.

Taking a road trip in Portugal is as rewarding as it is inexpensive: whether you’re taking the trip alone, with your partner or as a family, it’s one adventure you’re sure to remember for years to come.

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