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Car Hire made Safer for Gap Year Travellers

[ 0 ] 06/10/2010 |

BackpackersWhilst a gap year may present travellers with the freedom to step away from their norms and enjoy an adventure in a foreign land, some back packers are prone to forgetting about their personal safety in this search for fun and enlightenment. Research has shown that this can occur when tourists hire cars in order to travel along roads around the globe. As travellers may not understand the driving rules which differ from their homeland, thousands have been hurt and injured after renting a vehicle.

In order to combat this, the ABTA – The Travel Association have now set up a programme which offers tourists Road Safety advice for when they hire a vehicle. This will enable visitors to truly understand local driving laws and enjoy the landscape and scenery on offer instead of stressing about the roads.

This has come after the ABTA acknowledged the amount of incidents which occur when visitors to foreign countries hire vehicles. Nikki White, the head of destinations and sustainability at ABTA, stated that

“although the chances of being involved in a road traffic accident while on holiday are small, serious collisions can and do occur.”

The introduction of this Road Advice scheme hopes to cut out these major accidents. As travellers will be more aware of foreign laws, this should prevent any hire-car damage and human injury.

Some differences which can occur are right hand side drive, speed limits and motorway lane use. As these can be stressful and dangerous activities even if you understand the rules, being unaware can lead to the “serious collisions” which Nikki White speaks of. She also states that the ABTA only advise tourists to use reputable and large companies in order to avoiding receiving a faulty vehicle which could leave the driver with unforeseen problems. Also purchasing travel insurance will cover these problems which you may not have seen coming.

After the ABTA have revealed that thousands of UK tourists are injured and killed on foreign roads annually, it is little wonder that they are introducing cautionary measures which will prevent such accidents from happening in the future. Drawing back packers’ attentions to changes in driving rules across countries will make car hire a less stressful and dangerous experience and allow tourists to enjoy the experience of travelling

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