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Leaving Manhattan To Discover the Highlights of New York State

[ 0 ] 30/09/2012 |

When people go on holiday to New York, they often only visit Manhattan and view the popular tourist attractions such as the Statue of Liberty, Central Park and the Empire State Building. However by doing this, they miss out on what the rest of New York State has to offer. In this article we take a look at some of the popular tourist attractions outside of Manhattan.

Once you leave the bustling streets of Manhattan you’ll find the rest of New York State relatively spacious and easy to get around. You can choose to hire a car from a company like National. Albany is probably the best place to pick up a car. Alternatively other public transport options are available on the 511NY info website which is the official source of travel info for New York State.  If you are going to drive, check out some driving tips.

Finger Lakes National Forest

Hector in New York State is home to the Finger Lakes National Forest which covers over 16,000 acres. This national park is popular with tourists as it features over 30 miles of interconnecting trails with something for every fitness level and ability. Whilst trekking you will see a variety of local wildlife and plant species as well as gorges and ravines. The abundance of naturally formed lakes makes the Finger Lakes National Park perfect for a spot of recreation fishing.

Fingers Lakes

The Ace of Diamonds Mine

Located in the aptly named town of Middleville, the Ace of Diamonds Mine will allow you to learn a little about how Herkimer Diamonds are created and give you the chance to dig for your own. This working mine offers visitor entrance where you can dig for your own clear quartz crystals and keep whatever you find. Your entry ticket allows you to enter and leave the digging area as many times as you like within a day which is ideal for getting refreshments from the local shops.

Agers Falls

Agers Falls is part of the Lewis County River, located in Aidondacks. It is a place of natural beauty as well as a popular water sports hang-out. The falls provide the perfect back drop for photo opportunities whilst kayakers shoot the falls. This spot is also ideal for white water rafters. Agers Falls includes a number of accessible hiking tracks and a picnic area for visitors.

Agers Falls


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