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Energy Saving Driving Tips

[ 0 ] 26/07/2010 |

Eco Friendly Car Hire - Energy Saving Driving TipsBesides eco friendly car hire, there are ways you can also help reduce your fuel consumption and save energy.  These tips are applicable to motorists all over and are not limited to holidaymakers driving abroad.

  • Don’t overload your car with unnecessary luggage.  If you don’t need it, don’t pack it.
  • Choose your vehicle carefully.  A smaller car will be great if you are planning on driving around a big city, however a larger car that runs better over long distances will be better for road trips.
  • Keep your foot off the accelerator. Don’t be tempted to floor the pedal as soon as you hit an open highway. Keep to a speed that the car is comfortable with and move up a gear before your rev counter hits 2,500rpm or 2,000rpm for diesel cars.  According to energy saving trust, at 85mph you consume 25% more fuel than driving at 70mph
  • Avoid accelerating and breaking too often and avoid rush hour traffic.  Don’t drive at times when it is most busy, you will use more fuel by stopping and starting.
  • Avoid tying anything to the roof.  Roof racks and luggage on top of a vehicle will increase the drag of your vehicle and also your fuel consumption.
  • Plan your journey and don’t waste fuel on getting lost.
  • Keep to the main roads.  Don’t go off road driving, you will probably void your damage excess refund policy and also use more fuel
  • Don’t waste fuel warming your engine. Most modern cars are built to deal with the cold and don’t require fuel to warm it up.
  • Turn off your engine if you are parked waiting in a traffic jam.

If you have any other tips on how to save energy, please leave a comment:

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