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Driving in Italy

Colosseum Rome, ItalyTravelling by car in Italy is a great way to experience the great outdoors and see some of Italy’s beautiful and awe inspiring landscape. However there are a few notes you should make if you plan on hiring a car and driving in Italy.

First of all you are going to need these:

  • Driving licence (UK Licence holders require both card and paper counterparts).
  • Credit card
  • Vehicle documents
  • Copies of insurance policies
  • Written permission from the registered owner

What are the speed limits?

  • 50 kph in towns/cities
  • 90 kph outside of cities
  • 110 kph on divided highways
  • 130 kph on the Autostrada

Driving within historical areas – limited traffic areas

Italy Roadsign - ZTL - Limited Traffic ZoneHistorical areas within cities are normally limited traffic areas or Zona traffico limitatos (ZTL’s). Driving within historical areas of cities is prohibited unless you have a pass. Therefore if you are going sightseeing and intend on driving directly to the historical area it is advised you take public transport. However if your hotel is situated within a historical region you will be able to purchase an official pass from most car hire companies. This pass will only permit you to drive within the city where your hotel is located and will not be viable for any other location.

Q: How do I know where an historical area starts and ends?

A: Historical areas are marked with yellow or white signs labelled ZTL in black writing.

Q: What happens if I drive into an historical area without a pass?

A:Many unregistered vehicles without an official pass will be caught on camera and you will face a fine. This fine will be sent to your home address.

Q: How long do I have to repay the fine?

A: This depends on how you are notified of the fine. If you were given a fine on the spot you will have to pay within 60 days of receipt. If you were notified by post and are a non Italian resident and living outside of Italy, you will have up to 360 days to pay the fine. If you are resident living within Italy you must send payment within 150 days.

Q: How much do fines cost?

A: A typical on the spot fine for a minor traffic violation can cost between €150 – 250. Therefore make sure you have enough cash on you or available to pay the fine. Failure to pay will seriously spoil your visit and cause you more stress and anguish.