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Customer Loyalty Marketing Techniques Used by Hire Car Companies

[ 0 ] 22/02/2012 |

Understanding the impact of loyalty marketing campaigns is crucial to determining which methods and programs are most beneficial for a particular customer. Loyalty marketing when undertaken carefully and effectively has a huge impact on sales, customer retention and long term profitability but, when handled incorrectly, it can cause detrimental harm to the hire company business. With that in mind we take a look and expose the most effective loyalty marketing techniques used by the biggest Car Hire firms – and provide some advice on how you as a customer can make the most use of them.


 The most important customer loyalty marketing technique is the creation of values. Values in marketing have two senses both of which are equally important – firstly value needs to apply in a pecuniary way as we must get physical value from their loyalty marketing strategies. It doesn’t matter if the value is from a reward program or a 121 marketing campaign it must contain and offer some type of value that is beneficial for us.

This brings us onto the second core use of the term values. These values are in a sense more important than an economic value and they are the value that the car company offers us so we can positively remember their brand identity.  A good car hire experience is moral, altruistic, giving, open, friendly and we need to perceive these values – otherwise it is back to the drawing board with the company loyalty marketing campaign. This is perhaps the most effective loyalty marketing technique – creating a strong brand identity that fits closely with the values of what we as the core demographic are looking for.

In some ways these companies use marketing mechanisms. They research techniques that are more intricate and have to play to a more diverse range of our psychological triggers.  Triggers are the most vital technique used in general marketing and they are basically triggers that evoke a reaction or an action.

When creating a marketing campaign the demographic segmentation needs to attract and drive the triggers within us – and the values that we are trying to obtain in hiring a vehicle and utilising the customer service or online booking. Triggers have of course been in advertising since its inception but now even we are privy to a much more advanced understanding of them and how to be aware so we may utilise them.

In loyalty marketing advertising our triggers are always tied to benefits and this is a core technique we need to be aware of as part of a marketing campaign. Today – we as consumers will tend to act only when the benefits are clear and numerous – rewards, incentives and our core values all play a part in this and each piece of the puzzle is necessary for an action to take place. The triggers set by the vehicle rental firm will reflect our values whilst engendering a certain response based action. By understanding that we are the market we can achieve a sense of empowerment where businesses are inspired to create ways that make us feel benefitted and included.

Finally it is worth mentioning a technique that is becoming increasingly important in loyalty marketing campaigns – differentiation. This is tied up in everything we have said but differentiation is now incredibly important as every relatively large consumer company conducts loyalty campaigns. Any advertising campaigns need to reflect our core values whilst not being bound too them. Comedy, community and family are used as triggers whilst creating a special recognition for the advertising itself. Understanding this differentiation allows companies to play the field when creating loyalty actions and means that it makes it easier for us as customers to benefit from requesting and receiving loyalty marketing – generating favourable car hire competition – as we continuously carve our own core demographic niche within a wider group of new drivers.


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