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Customer Loyalty Marketing Techniques Used by Hire Car Companies

[ 0 ] 22/02/2012

Understanding the impact of loyalty marketing campaigns is crucial to determining which methods and programs are most beneficial for a particular customer. Loyalty marketing when undertaken carefully and effectively has a huge impact on sales, customer retention and long term profitability but, when handled incorrectly, it can cause detrimental harm to the hire company business. […]

Popular Car Hire Companies

Popular Car Hire Companies

[ 0 ] 17/09/2011

When choosing which company to use when hiring a car on holiday it can be difficult to know where to start, many offer great deals and if you have never hired a car before you may not know a reputable company from one that is not so established. A good idea to help you get […]

Car on Money

How to Compare the Real Cost of Car Hire

[ 0 ] 30/08/2011

Comparing car hire isn’t as simple as 1,2,3 but this quick how to compare car hire quotes guide will help you compare quotations effectively reducing your overall cost of car hire

Planning for the Benefits of Car Hire

Planning for the Benefits of Car Hire

[ 0 ] 10/07/2011

It is fair to say if you’re going away on holiday then one of the best options of getting around and travelling when and where you choose is by hire car.  Though car hire is considered an unnecessary expense by some people, those people who do hire a car get to explore farther afield and […]

Cracked Windscreen

What is Damage Excess Refund and Is It Worth It?

[ 3 ] 21/07/2010

Damage Excess Refund is a policy offered by various car hire companies to offer protection of excess insurance costs, however is it really worth the extra money. Be informed and read this article