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Category: Car Hire Tips

Car Hire Tips & Advice

Read through our selection of articles that offer advice and tips for hiring a car.  Don’t have to make the same common mistakes other people make with our useful car hire tips.

Eco Friendly Car Hire Electric hire cars

Energy Saving Driving Tips

[ 0 ] 26/07/2010

Saving energy whatever we do is an important aspect of everyday life and this includes holiday car hire. read through our tips to learn how you can save energy whilst on holiday.

What Type of Hire Car

What type of Hire Car should I hire?

[ 2 ] 19/07/2010

All too often people rush into choosing the cheapest car available without considering what their needs are. Here are a few considerations to take before opting for the cheapest car hire deal.

Car Hire Check List

10 of the best Car Hire Tips

[ 0 ] 18/07/2010

10 of the best car hire tips to help you minimise your expenses and avoid unnecessary trouble. Read them before you hire a car.

The Real Cost of Car Hire - Hidden Extras

The real cost of car hire – Hidden Extras

[ 0 ] 08/07/2010

Read this article if you don’t want to be caught out paying for hidden extras when hiring a car. Ensure you learn what the real cost of your car hire will be before booking