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Welcome to Car Hire Today!

Being an important aspect of travelling, car hire deserves special attention like any other aspect of travelling.  How else are you going to take a road trip of a life time, see the sights by car or travel on your own free will? For these reasons exists helping visitors to the site plan their travels by providing industry news, car hire guides, advice and any information related to car hire.

This site isn’t here to sell you car hire and we are not affiliated with any particular company (not yet anyway, but we will let you know if that changes).  All information on this site is for the purpose of helping you make better decisions or to help inspire your next holiday vacation.

Hope you enjoy reading through our site and if you do, we will definitely look forward to seeing you return.

Where to start?

If you are thinking of hiring a car on holiday then a great place to start is to read our car hire tips.  You might also appreciate some of our driving guides we have put together and make sure that you drive safely!

Also before choosing a car, here are a few considerations of what hire car to rent and if you wish to save a little money and get more milage for your buck then you our energy saving driving tips will prove useful.