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3 Great Places to Explore By Car

[ 0 ] 06/01/2013 |

The prospect of driving yourself around a country with maps for a holiday experience may frighten some. For those brave enough to take this challenge on, or bright enough to hire a car (and a reliable GPS!), driving around a foreign country can be a richly rewarding experience. Thanks to our guest writer Daffyd, from Enjoy Bed and Breakfast, here are three countries that form an absolute adventure when explored by car.


The sheer size of India makes it a feat to explore by car. In fact, you will spend a considerable amount of time (and fuel) criss-crossing this enormous country by car. It is therefore wise to pick up a suitable trail and stick to it. Depending on your interests, time, and resources pick an area of the country suitable for your adventure and stick to it.

Road Through Kashmir Valley

For those interested in sightseeing, almost any part of the country will provide that exciting experience. The south holds an enormous amount of ancient religious sites coupled with exotic beach locations that will make your tour exciting. Alternatively, you can choose a little more interior, heading to the tea areas in West Bengal, Meghal, and Asom all in the west of the country.

The most scenic route though is to explore the north of the country. I recommend starting out at Jaipur in Rajasthan, heading to Delhi, through to Shimla and finally ending up in Jammu before visiting the Kashmir valley. This route will provide you with plenty of adventure as well as different sights and experiences: the desert state of Rajasthan to the populous city of Delhi and the serenity of the state of Jammu and Kashmir in the north.


Morocco is a country of contrasts, divided into three major zones: the cool Atlas mountains, the imposing Sahara desert and the delightful beach coast. What is most exciting about this is that it is very possible to do all these three climatic zones in one trip! You can either do one rushed trip of 8 days, or take three weeks on the road for a more intimate experience.

Travelling by road, you need to make sure that some of these stops are absolutely on your list. First and foremost, you need to explore the Atlas Mountains. Driving in the Alps is a bit tricky, especially higher up. You will have to restrict yourself to the lower, more scenic areas and valleys especially if you don’t have a strong, off road vehicle. After roaming the scenic Alps inhabited by the Berber tribes, move to the desert areas. It is advisable to go use Marrakech as your base to explore this area. You absolutely must visit Ait Ben Haddou with its Ksar ruins. It is not far from Marrakech and is on your way to Ouarzazate. You can then pick from a host of enchanting coastal destinations: from Tangier in the north to Casablanca, and Agadir and Essaouira in the southern part of the country. Make sure you stop at roadside cafés for tagines and other local delicacies for a richer tourist experience.


The Middle East should be on every car tourist fanatic’s list and is a great option for an alternative holiday in Jordan. It makes the perfect car tourism destination as it has a great road system, beautiful scenery and a quite a few impressive off-road sites. You can also easily get a rental car or get yourself a guide to take you around the country.

For a great tour, stick to the western side of the country since this is where most of the tourist activity takes place. It is also a good idea to look for roads that will allow you to slowly savor the country’s culture. For those with more time, the King’s Highway, for example, is one such route. It criss-crosses quaint Jordanian villages, beautiful desert scenery as well as historical sites worth stopping for.

Whatever route you choose, make sure you stop for food at local shacks or visit the odd nomadic family along the way. Find ways to interact with the local culture as much as possible, stopping for great photographs and divine local food.


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