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10 of the best Car Hire Tips

[ 0 ] 18/07/2010 |

Car Hire Check ListCar hire is a wonderful way to travel on holiday and explore the local area at a time and pace that suits you.   Finding a cheap car hire deal online is easy these days, especially through using one of the online car hire brokers that make it easy for you to search across all suppliers in one click of a button.  However it is vital you follow some steps to ensure your car hire experience is a good experience.

1) Terms & Conditions

Before booking your hire car always read the terms and conditions (TOC’s).  Remember the TOC’s are likely to change from time-to-time so even if you have hired a car before, read them again.  Not all suppliers have the same conditions, and make sure you understand what the conditions are especially if you are using a broker as they use multiple suppliers.

2) Model of Car

Don’t worry about the model of car you will receive. Though suppliers can’t guarantee the model of vehicle, they will provide you with one similar in the same size category or they will upgrade you for free.

3) Check the Fuel Policy

Are you required to return the car with a full tank of fuel or return it empty? Always check with the supplier before driving away and ask where the nearest fuel station is to your return destination.  Read more about fuel charges and car hire scams.

4) Check the Fuel Type

We are all creatures of habit so make sure you know what type of fuel your hire car uses as you might unintentional assume it is the same as your own personal car back home.  Filling your car with the wrong fuel type could land you with a costly bill for having the engine cleaned.

5) Don’t be late

Most suppliers operate on 24 hour rentals and there is a high possibility that if you return your car late you will have to pay for another days rental, even if you are only one hour late.  Therefore ensure you have enough time to reach the depot, check the opening hours and make sure they are open on the day you return the car.

6) Check Existing Damage

Don’t be left paying for damage that was there previously.  Check your vehicle before driving away and make sure the suppliers are aware of all existing damage.  Upon returning the vehicle have some check the car for damage and sign off a damage report while you are there so you aren’t billed for damage after you leave.   It is also a good idea to take photos of the car with a time stamp on the photo for additional proof.

7) Insurance – Are you Covered?

First and foremost check to see if your travel insurance covers you for driving on holiday.  Secondly get a suitable policy that covers the terrain you intend on driving on.

8) Breakdown Cover

Does the price include breakdown cover, if not ensure your own insurance policy does.  Also make a note of important contact numbers for assistance with breakdowns.

9) Check the Extras

Don’t get caught out on unexpected car hire extras.  Ask the car hire company what extras you will be required to pay for when you arrive to collect your car.  Also ensure you have enough credit to pay for your deposit when you arrive.

10) Drive Steadily

Lastly however tempting it might be to drive your hire car like a rally car, don’t, you will just use more fuel by driving erratically.  Though it is not your car, treat it like it is and drive steadily.

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