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10 holiday destinations where car hire is essential

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Route 66 HighwayUSA

The US is the land of the car. With wide freeways crisscrossing the country, you don’t need a better option than a car to explore such a wide territory in total freedom. Roads are built straight and perpendicular to each other in the cities with plenty of amenities in between each and you can find yourself exploring the Pacific Highway or the infamous Route 66 on a road trip to remember.


If the USA is big, Australia is even bigger. Unlike the US however, Australia is not as evenly populated throughout. Most of the population live along the coast as the interior is a scorching desert. That doesn’t mean there is nothing to see beyond the cities. With car hire you can start exploring  the real Down Under. From Sydney to Melbourne, from Perth to Brisbane, you will find your car will become your best friend. And venturing into the outback, your vehicle becomes a life saver.


Going down is size now is the tiny island of Mauritius. Why would you need a car for such a small piece of land in the middle of the ocean? The island may be compact compared to Australia but public transport will slow you down and is often inexistent beyond the towns and villages. The only public transport is the bus which doesn’t run after 8 pm. So if you want to visit attractions in the countryside or stay out late at night, rent a car or spend a fortune on taxis.


Unless you are going to stick to London throughout where you need to pay a congestion charge to enter the centre, you are much better off with your own means of transport. Although public transport is highly developed in this country, there are a number of disadvantages that offset it. Overcrowding, rush hour, expensive, confusing range of tickets, unmanned stations, chronic delays, all this will contribute to make your journey memorable for the wrong reasons. Take to the road and stay in charge of your itinerary.

Highlands, Scotland

Going up north is Scotland and north in Scotland is the Highland, a land bereft of anything but nature, rolling hills and stunning views. The Highlands are best explored by car simply because there are few other means of transport. You also want to be able to explore any nook and cranny of this land in freedom and stop to take pictures at any time.

Scottish Highlands

Provence, France

How can you immerse yourself in the Provence of France, discover traditional old-fashioned farms, vineyards, lavender fields and olive plantations? In your own car of course. If you are travelling from within Europe, you could well drive all the way to France but save yourself starting your holidays feeling stressed and fed up with driving. You’re better off taking the plane, landing in one of the airports such as at Marseille or Aix-en-Provence and hiring a car at the airport.

Coasts of Spain

Let’s leave inland and head to the coast, this time to Spain. Spain is the number one tourist destination and most tourists flock to its resorts along the coast. Costa Brava, Costa del Sol, Costa Blanca, there are plenty of popular resorts to choose from among these famous coasts. But what if you want to leave the overcrowded concrete rsorts behind? There are still miles and miles of quiet coastline to discover away from the crowd. Get in your car, leave behind the tourists on their overcrowded stretch of beach and drive along the coast to discover quiet stretches of coastline or small villages. Just be sure to keep them to yourself afterwards!

Wilderness of Canada

Canada’s public transport is well-developed, that is, if you stick to the main urban developments such as Vancouver, Toronto or Edmonton. Stray away into the wild and you’re on your own, a bit like the Outback in Australia. But the wilderness is one of Canada’s main attraction if you seek adventure.  But don’t forget your snow chains, these will help keep you on track in icy and snow conditions and all good suppliers will offer these at an additional cost.

UAE, the great oil-producing countries

Why not? These countries literally see the black stuff coming out of the ground for free. So if you ever need to move around, grab a car and don’t shy away from a gas-guzzling monster. Petrol is cheap there.


Mongolia is a vast country expanding over 600,000 sq miles and sparsely populated.  Moreover this great landmass north of China and south of Russia isn’t your typical tourist trap;  it’s infrastructure and transportation isnt as developed as you find elsewhere.  Therefore if you are heading over to this fascinating country the best way to get around is by car, the only problem is there are fewer well known car hire suppliers, so be mindful of who and where you hire your car from.


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