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  • Road Through Kashmir Valley

    3 Great Places to Explore By Car

    The prospect of driving yourself around a country with maps for a holiday experience may frighten some. For those brave enough to take this challenge on, or bright enough to hire a car (and a reliable GPS!), driving around a foreign country can be a richly rewarding experience. Thanks to our guest writer Daffyd, from […]

  • Van driving on the road

    10 Tips for First Time Van Drivers

    Long before the days of slick power steering and roaring turbo diesel vans got the reputation for being arduous and impractical to drive. The ease of driving a van is now comparable to that of the family car, but the reputation has stuck, and often puts people off renting or buying a van for tasks […]

  • Agers Falls

    Leaving Manhattan To Discover the Highlights of New York State

    When people go on holiday to New York, they often only visit Manhattan and view the popular tourist attractions such as the Statue of Liberty, Central Park and the Empire State Building. However by doing this, they miss out on what the rest of New York State has to offer. In this article we take a look […]

  • Sydney Harbour Bridge

    Top five road trips to take from Sydney

    With regular flights to Sydney being available, convenient departure times and dates are easily arranged.  Yes, it is a long haul, but ask anyone that has been to Australia and they will tell you that it is certainly worth it.  If you do decide to make the journey consider taking one of the road trips […]

  • Portugal

    Take to the Road in Portugal

    A trip to the Mediterranean is the quintessential holiday – sun, sea and sand are plentiful, but there’s more to the Med than sunbathing. If you’re looking for a Mediterranean holiday with a dash of something different, a road trip in beautiful Portugal can provide the answer to all your prayers. Car hire in Portugal […]

Car Hire Tips

Eco Friendly Car Hire Electric hire cars

Energy Saving Driving Tips

[ 0 ] 26/07/2010

Saving energy whatever we do is an important aspect of everyday life and this includes holiday car hire. read through our tips to learn how you can save energy whilst on holiday.

What Type of Hire Car

What type of Hire Car should I hire?

[ 2 ] 19/07/2010

All too often people rush into choosing the cheapest car available without considering what their needs are. Here are a few considerations to take before opting for the cheapest car hire deal.

Car Hire Check List

10 of the best Car Hire Tips

[ 0 ] 18/07/2010

10 of the best car hire tips to help you minimise your expenses and avoid unnecessary trouble. Read them before you hire a car.

Car Hire News

Porta Romana, Milan

Milan Hit by New Congestion Charge Trial

[ 0 ] 30/01/2012

If you think that London was the only place where you would be stung by a congestion charge, think again. Milan is now in on the act; from the 16th January 2012, people wishing to drive in Milan city centre (Zone C) have had to pay a congestion charge of €5 per day (Monday – […]


Car Hire made Safer for Gap Year Travellers

[ 0 ] 06/10/2010

Whilst most backpackers travel around without complications and accident free, there are a small number of backpackers who are injured on busy roads. Car hire for backpackers, thanks to ABTA has now just got safer.


A Green Development for Car Hire?

[ 0 ] 13/09/2010

Is green car hire the future trend for the car hire industry? Read which two companies are steaming ahead with eco friendly car hire and which destinations will be the first to see electric hire cars.

General Information


Customer Loyalty Marketing Techniques Used by Hire Car Companies

[ 0 ] 22/02/2012

Understanding the impact of loyalty marketing campaigns is crucial to determining which methods and programs are most beneficial for a particular customer. Loyalty marketing when undertaken carefully and effectively has a huge impact on sales, customer retention and long term profitability but, when handled incorrectly, it can cause detrimental harm to the hire company business. […]

Popular Car Hire Companies

Popular Car Hire Companies

[ 0 ] 17/09/2011

When choosing which company to use when hiring a car on holiday it can be difficult to know where to start, many offer great deals and if you have never hired a car before you may not know a reputable company from one that is not so established. A good idea to help you get […]

Car on Money

How to Compare the Real Cost of Car Hire

[ 0 ] 30/08/2011

Comparing car hire isn’t as simple as 1,2,3 but this quick how to compare car hire quotes guide will help you compare quotations effectively reducing your overall cost of car hire

Other Recent Articles

Route 66 Highway

10 holiday destinations where car hire is essential

[ 0 ] 15/08/2011

USA The US is the land of the car. With wide freeways crisscrossing the country, you don’t need a better option than a car to explore such a wide territory in total freedom. Roads are built straight and perpendicular to each other in the cities with plenty of amenities in between each and you can […]